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If you believe that you have a mental problem or psychological disorder that needs attention, or you want to overcome the feelings of negativity inside you, or you suffer from some past trauma or anxiety that haunts your present, Mind Menders can help you heal.

Providing help to individuals, mental health professionals, counselors, and other hypnotherapists, Mind Menders vow to serve you all.

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'Hypnosis and Its Therapeutic Benefits' looks at the emotional, mental, and physical effects of hypnotherapy. 

Although hypnosis has been recognized as having healing and therapeutic effects since the 18th century, many people are still unsure of what hypnosis truly is. 


Countless myths are surrounding its origins, effectiveness, and capability to bring closure for a person. The book explores how our brains, vast and still mysterious in all it’s complexities, can be hypnotized.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively with individuals, mental and medical professionals to enhance and strengthen a client’s potential to heal, change habits, and meet goals by ethically and honestly harnessing the client’s inner strength through the use of hypnotherapy.





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