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The Mind Mender is an online platform that helps people with mental disorders, psychological problems and other life issues overcome these issues through hypnotherapy and other whole mind techniques.  Established by a professional counselor and qualified hypnotherapist, Aloha McGregor, the Mind Mender is an effort to help people around us find new and more resourceful ways of using the mind, body, and spirit to live the life they want and deserve to live.

The online platform is focused on providing people with hypnotherapy and other whole mind care services that can help them overcome their past challenges and traumas and move ahead with confidence, ambition, and optimism.

Along with providing services to individuals, the platform will also include a means of productive collaborations with other therapists who want to use hypnosis and NLP as an adjunct to other counseling strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and techniques.


The solutions that we provide will not be short-lived but will have a positive impact on all areas of life-for life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively with individuals, mental and medical professionals to enhance and strengthen a client’s potential to heal, change habits, and meet goals by ethically and honestly harnessing the client’s inner strength using hypnotherapy and NLP.


About the Founder

Aloha McGregor started this platform to help people resolve their psychological and relational problems faced by them. Believing in the power of the mind, she decided to use these therapies as her core techniques of treatment.


Having worked with several people with negative thoughts and beliefs deeply embedded in their minds, she understood how difficult it was to get past this negativity without professional help.


  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Bachelor's Degree in Christian Counseling

  • Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist

  • Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner,

  • Board Certified Master Success Coach

  • Board Certified TIME Technique Master Practitioner

  • Board Certified Counselor

  • Licensed Professional Counselor



  • Inducted Member of the Psi Chi National Honor Society

  • Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors

  • Member of Professional Counselors Association of Georgia

  • Member International Board of Coaches and Practitioners

  • Member American Alliance of Hypnotist

  • Member National Board for Certified Counselors



In the future, the website will showcase articles and tools for those who want to use hypnosis alone or as part of their treatment plan with Aloha or their own therapists and counselors.


Using her training to employ a combination of interventions and techniques you can take one area of life (i.e., mental/physical health and fitness, career, relationships etc.) and

  • Release negative emotions

  • Resolve trauma without reexperiencing it

  • Release limiting decisions/beliefs

  • Identify, change, and/or get aligned with your values

  • Delete negative anchors

  • Resolve internal conflict

  • Create goals that become outcomes/result

  • So much more!

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