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Subliminal Audio Messages and Positive Affirmations

Subliminal audios are a powerful tool in any process of mental change. Few people know the usefulness of these audios and that is why this article aims to explain how and why subliminal messages work, as well as the positive affirmations associated with it. Before that, you need to understand what subliminal audio messages are and how they influence an individual.

What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal Messages are messages that pass below the threshold of consciousness, messages that we are not aware of receiving, but that are perceived by the subconscious mind. It is a scientifically proven technique that changes beliefs on a subconscious level. The research by Karam et al. (2017) indicated that subliminal messages affect the choice of people during the experiment.

The subliminal message can be sent through images, written texts, and sounds. However, the focus is on audio subliminal messages in this article. Let’s review the concept of subliminal audio messages.

Subliminal audio is a track with positive phrases that are coded with a series of techniques and technologies so that they are practically imperceptible to the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious mind.

Subliminal audio message types

With regard to audio subliminal messages, there are three types of messages.

· Silent messages: These high-frequency messages are not audible to the listener. It feels like there is nothing in the audio, but the message is present.

· Subaudible messages: These are very low volume messages that are inserted into a louder audio file.

· Inverted speech: An audio message inserted backward, where the original track disguises the inverted speech behind it.

· Sped up Messages: These messages are deliberately altered by accelerating their speed by about eight times the optimum number of revolutions. As a result, they become incomprehensible for the conscious mind.

How and why subliminal audio messages work?

A human mind consists of two interacting parts, namely subconscious and conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the one that governs the control of your mind. It is responsible for perceiving reality enabling individuals to think, reason, experience, and feel with awareness. According to the study of Bargh (2014), the conscious part of the mind is the guardian of reasoning and the certainties of thought, while the subconscious mind would accept everything that somehow manages to reach and excite it. Hence, subliminal messages are greatly used in the field of marketing to affect the consumer's choice. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that subliminal messages cannot control your mind, rather influence your behavior or choice (Vlăduţescu, 2011).

Subliminal sound messages are positive affirmations that directly go to our subconscious mind. These subliminal messages generally contain a background of music or sounds of nature, tending to be relaxing and pleasant. The subliminal audios are repeated over and over again, reprogramming your mind to achieve concrete results while you are enjoying a pleasant sound, atmosphere, or classical music.

If we repeat a phrase constantly like “I'm fine!” The message is received by our conscious mind, which can discern, argue, and block the message. However, if we manage to get this message to our subconscious through special techniques. The mind doesn't argue it, turning the phrase into a belief that will make us feel good. Hence, a positive affirmation can be incorporated in daily life with the help of subliminal messages.

You can have a question that “Why nothing is understood in subliminal audios?" the answer is nothing is understood because nothing has to be understood. If you clearly understood what the affirmations say, it would not be subliminal audio. The message hidden inside the audio is for the subconscious mind, so it would not be audible for the conscious mind.

The person making subliminal audio must have the maturity and a deep understanding of the human mind. Moreover, command over all the techniques, laws, and principles to create subliminal messages.

The positive impact of subliminal audio messages

As already mentioned, subliminal audios are made in this way so that positive affirmations go directly to the subconscious where they will be accepted without any objection, doubt, or negative response. As a consequence, people can experience fast, lasting, and solid changes in their personality, abilities, beliefs, habits, concrete objectives, and many more aspects. Therefore, these messages can be used for several purposes like losing weight, quit smoking, curing phobias, improving intellectual skills, reduce stress, raise self-esteem, have a positive attitude, and so on.

If you are using subliminal audios then you will feel the need to do things differently, you will have the motivation to do all the necessary tasks that will lead to success. However, at the same time, if you are working on well-defined goals from the beginning, the subliminal audios will work much better because there is a greater concentration of energy around the purpose.

The findings of Ruch et al. (2016) stated that subliminal messages can influence the rational decision-making process of an individual in a longer run. Hence, positive affirmations can assist people to make the right decision about their health, behavior, and attitude and bring a change in their life.

One of the main benefits of subliminal audio messages is that you will not need to take out extra time from your routine. This is because you can listen to the audio while doing household chores like washing dishes or exercising. This time-efficient technique can bring a positive change in your behavior, which encourages you for personal development and improvement.


In conclusion, a subliminal message can be very influential and effective in regulating our behavior. These messages reach the subconscious level of people bypassing the conscious mind that can reason and argue. When the message stimulates the subconscious mind, it will influence the choice or behavior of a person. Positive affirmations can be induced to an individual's thinking and improving behavior through subliminal audio messages. In short, with subliminal audios, you will be experiencing a faster and more effective change without practicing complicated techniques or that take a long time.


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