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The mind is a powerful thing. It is so powerful because our thoughts control the actions we go throughout our lives. Whatever we do or wherever we are, it results from our patterns of thinking and believing. Years from now, what we do will be the result of what we do today. A great psychologist William James said: "human beings by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives". Changing you patterns of thinking and believing can change you at your core and change the trajectory of your life as a whole.


Affirmation we say to ourselves or listen to audibly affects our minds differently from those we get subliminally. Subliminal audio refers to sounds played at a level we cannot hear consciously – but that our subconscious minds can perceive. When we hear or say the affirmations, our minds have an opportunity to reject them. Positive affirmations can be induced to an individual's thinking and improving behavior through subliminal audio messages. A subliminal message can be very influential and effective in regulating our behavior. These messages reach the subconscious level of people, bypassing the conscious mind that can reason and argue. When the massage stimulates the subconscious mind, it will influence the choice or behavior of a person.


Please note that it is important to get the subliminal message from a trusted provider. This is not to be a replacement for medical or psychologic care from a professional.